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About GatewayProductDevelopmentGroup.com
GatewayProductDevelopmentGroup.com was founded by  JW Davis.  He is the  President in charge of  operations and planning.  JW said:   "Our goal everday is to enable Inventors and those with outstanding Idea's to thrive and to help their personal economic situation to drastically change by bringing their invention or idea to the world wide market.  This is indeed  to help them fulfill their hopes and dreams and realize their ambitions." Davis went on by saying: "We want to provide branded products and services of superior quality and value that improve the lives of the world's consumers, now and for generations to come." 

GatewayProductDevelopmentGroup.com has been developed to give everyone with an invention or idea the power to create, share their idea or invention with our confidential specialists who have the information and intelligence to instantly, bring their product or idea to market as quickly as possible, without barriers.

GatewayProductDevelopmentGroup.com is an independent mastermind group-owned and operated company started in Kentucky, with offices in Florida and Texas.  Since we opened our doors in 2016, we have concentrated in making this company's major goals to facilitate the financial security of our clients and members, associates, and their families through provision of a full range of highly competitive products and services.

We hope you join us in helping you to realize your dreams!

JW Davis
Founder / President

Gateway Product Development Group Founder and President is JW Davis. "One of the most important goals we intend to accomplish together as a team is to build a product development organization to create, develop and build awesome and beautiful products from our clients inventions and idea's.   Our product development assets also include other economic enhancing developments as well for the clients we choose to help move forward", he said.  

Our team of qualified masterminds and specialists carry out and move forward in building our clients dynamic and quality products and ideas.  This is to fill as many needs in the market as we can using strategies and solutions that include beauty, efficiency, health, safety, security, and livelihood for as many people involved in the invention process as possible.  

The intention of our mastermind teams goals and initiatives is to offer Business and Commercial Product Development projects that deliver valuable and useful products and solutions to the consumer market.  

"The result we aim for is the much needed Economic Opportunities for the people we offer to help and opportunities to the invention community and industry as a whole.  This will result in vast improvement's for the clients economic and financial well being in which our product development projects will be built," Davis said.

"One of my personal goals for this company and our
 team is to be a Leader in building a Product Development Business, with an affordable  product development process  and very remarkable products brought to the consumer market.", Davis said.  

Gateway Product Development Group is an economic development minded company with offices in the state of Kentucky, Florida, and Texas. 

"Together, as a team we do really big and exciting product development projects with monumental enthusiasm and passion.  This includes our extreme dedication, persistence and hard work to achieve our goals, initiatives and objectives mentioned here today.  We hope you decide to become involved with our team, our product development process, our projects strategies and solutions.  Our journey is to be the best and to develop some of the finest products second to none, as well as offering some of the best economic opportunities available today for our clients", Davis said.

In 2009, JW Davis founded the West Kentucky Real Estate Investment Association (WKREIA) in Murray, Kentucky.  He was Operations Director in charge of Planning, Administration, Marketing & Advertising for the group.  The Chairman of the Association was Gregory Taylor, a Murray, Kentucky Real Estate Attorney and Realtor.  He is also a Professor at Murray State University.  The group met once a month at Murray State University. 

JW was also the Chairman in 2009, 2010 & 2011of the Aurora Country Festival & Parade each fall for the Jonathan Aurora Action Committee, an Aurora, Kentucky business owners association.  He was in charge of Planning, Organizing, Marketing and Advertising the Festival and Parade.  

JW holds a Real Estate Certificate of Achievement 
from the Whitney Education Group at the Russ Whitney Real Estate Academy. He also holds Real Estate Certificate's in Real Estate Wholesale Buying, and U.S. Tax Lien and Deeds from the Academy.  

He is a firm believer in researching, developing and implementing Economic Development strategies and solutions for product development. "It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that Economic Development choices benefits everyone involved in fantastic and dynamic ways", he said.  "We intend to present and put in motion strategies, solutions and events for bringing inventions and ideas to the consumer market.   We feel privileged to be involved with and to participate with the idea to help those with inventions and ideas reap financial rewards they can be proud to be a part of for the 21st century", he said.  "My intent when I founded this company was to be a leader in bringing economic advantage and opportunities with strategies and solutions to the individuals we help and to use our services to bring thousands of products to the consumer marketplace to spur economic growth beyond anyone's wildest dreams", Davis said. 

" I am honored and privileged to know each and every 
member of our Mastermind Advisors Team.  They are in some of the best people, individuals, business owners and community leaders I have ever known", says Davis.

Please feel free to contact Gateway Product Development Group and discuss how 
we can work together as a team to 
offer some of the most awesome product development projects to invest in that will return some of the best financial rewards for your personal and business needs. 

CALL US TODAY...727.808.9233

We Welcome You!

Martin R. Metzger 
 Senior Vice President

Gateway Product Development Groups Vice President is Martin 'Bob' Metzger.  He is a graduate of Alton High School in Alton, Illinois.  He has an Associates Degree in Hardware Retailing and Public Relations from Southern Illinois University. 

He was owner and operator of one of the largest landmark restaurant and niteclub in Alton, Illinois for over 40 years. Mr. Metzger was instrumental in making his business establishment, Midtown Restaurant and Lounge, one of the most popular attractions in the greater St. Louis metro area, on the Illinois side, from the 1960's thru the 1990's.

Mr. Metzger was also involved in the rental property business as well during this time and managed over a dozen of his own properties. 

He was a member and board member with the Alton Convention & Visitors Bureau for many years.

He was involved for many years as a board member and consultant with the Alton, Illinois Weed and Feed program. This organization was in charge of a government funded program, with Law Enforcement assistance, to clean up crime ridden neighborhoods in the area.

Mr. Metzger was a board member with the American Red Cross and is a member of the Service Core of Retired Executives S.C.O.R.E. 

He is a member of the Lewis & Clark Society as a former guide and actor playing Lewis.

He holds a Certification with the US Corp of Engineers Training and also holds US Forest Certification.

Mr. Metzger was a board member with the Jonathon Aurora Action Committee (JAAC), a business owners association, in Marshall County Kentucky.  

He is a co-founding partner of the Kentucky Lake Economic Development Council, now known as Economic Development Concepts. He was instrumental in the organization and implementation of hosting local monthly meetings, as well as promoting and marketing the Kentucky Lake Economic Development Council.

Mr. Metzger was also a co-founder of the Pirates Cove Resort Community Watch Association. His responsibilities included, organization and implementation of a neighborhood watch association, including property protection issues, loss prevention, working with national companies and organizations, planning monthly meetings, attaining guest speakers as well as promoting and marketing the organization. He was also responsible for all aspects of daily operations for the Neighborhood Watch Association for the resort community. His supervisory duties included addressing and solving neighborhood and community security concerns and issues, monitoring community patrols, enforcement of curfew and quiet time for the resorts 5 campgrounds, Marina access and beach access area. 

Mr. Metzger donates some of his time to Economic Development Concepts and is very much appreciated by this organization as well as those who value and appreciate his knowledge and expertise in the Business arena.

"We know that Economic Development Revitalization research and careful planning is the key to bringing back communities and business to financial stability and success," Metzger said. "We all know that putting together well thought-out strategies and implementing them leads to successes that can have a profound impact beyond anyone's wildest dreams and aspirations", he said. 

"Bob Metzger's expertise on the Gateway Product Development Group Team has been invaluable", said Founder and President, JW Davis.  "When I asked Mr. Metzger to join Gateway Product Development Group, I knew that he would be a very special person to have because of his over 40 years of knowledge in business, as well as his experience as a member of the Senior Corps Of Retired Executives (SCORE)", says Davis.  "SCORE is an organization that mentors America’s small business owners and operators and help's people dreaming about starting their own small business or those looking to grow their businesses. SCORE is already making its mark as a catalyst for economic growth across the country", Davis said.  "Bob and I started the Kentucky Lake Economic Development Council in Marshall County, Kentucky together to help bring Economic growth to an area we felt needed a boost", Davis said.  "So I knew in advance the type of person and caliber Bob brought to the table and the experience he had to be an asset to Gateway Product Development Group in every way possible", Davis said.

Our Vision is help our Inventors and Idea makers to provide above average and high quality products and services that can be and in many cases are vital to society's quality of life. 

We have a mastermind team who possess  superior capabilities, intelligence and commitment, both as individuals and as an organization. 

We think and behave globally, valuing the positive influence this has on our company. 

Once we become your partner of choice with your idea, we move forward quickly with collaboration, strategies and solutions with our wide range of dynamic and capable industry contacts, concentrating on delivering 
world-class performance for everyone involved. 

We are dedicated in earning the admiration of all our stakeholders, investors, customers, clients, and our associates—not only 
for the goals we achieve but 
how we achieve them. 

Vice-President Product Development

Vice-President Marketing


is committed to being one of the world's 
Premier Product Development company's.  
To that end, our goal is to continuously achieve superior financial and operating results while adhering to the highest standards of business conduct. These unwavering expectations provide the foundation for our commitments to those with whom we interact: Our Associates, Clients, Customers, Database of Investors, and the World Wide Consumer Community and Market. 

We exist to assist clients with marketing, 
new product development, and other aspects 
of technology management.  Simply stated, 
we can assist management to define the main elements of a profitable business strategy for your idea or invention, by analyzing:

* What markets you should pursue;                                   * What products and services your idea or invention should provide;                                               
* Why, how, and to what extent customers will buy it;           * How to best introduce your new product or service to the worldwide consumer market.

What We Do

While the uniqueness of each client dictates the exact services needed, typically our services might include:

* Identification of market needs; 
* Determination of market size and structure;                    * Analysis of the competition;                                           * Delineation of product and service attributes which         differentiate them from the competition;                            * Market research and sales forecasting;                                                                                               * *Venture analysis and business planning;                            * Evaluation and forecasting of changing technology:          * Technical audits;                                                           * Facilitation of the development and introduction of the new product or service


* Corporate market and product strategy formulation 
* Marketing and licensing direction for proprietary technology 
* Market and technology analysis for corporate five-year plan 
  * Market planning for software mail-order business 
  * Market analysis of product concept to establish appropriate R&D program 
  * Advice and consulting on consumer product importation and distribution 
  * Survey of threats to and viability of new retail service concept

New Product Development

* Market studies 
  * Critical path network for new product introduction 
  * New product strategy and idea brainstorming 
  * Technical and market analysis 
  * Market study to identify unfilled requirements 
  * Development of market-based product qualification standard 
  * Appraisal venture 
  * Systems and business analysis of lasers for a product application 
  * Review of major retroreflective product development program * Guidance on establishing a procedure for new product development  
Technology Management
* Recommendation on how to introduce project management capability 
  * Guidance on proposed use of computers in the laboratory 
  * Specification of experiments to evaluate electron-beam curing process 
  * Assistance to research laboratory director to help increase productivity 
  * Attitude survey of R&D department personnel 
* Training seminars


* Business strategy guidance 
* Specification of position to be filled by an executive recruiter 
* Counselling on career development options 
* Time management assistance
Contractual Terms and Conditions

Professional time of our specialists and will be billed as either a fixed fee (if the required result can be precisely defined) or at an hourly rate quoted upon agreement of the scope of the effort.

In addition, the client will reimburse all expenses, plus a 20% handling charge added to these expenses. These expenses will be estimated upon agreement of the projects scope; if the actual expenses exceed the agreed estimate, the client will reimburse such excess expenses, but will not be charged any further handling charge on the additional amount.

Expenses include all out of pocket costs such as travel, telephone, printing and copying, postage, user fees for online information retrieval, publications, independent contractor assistance, and similar items. Other costs such as word processing, and mileage will be treated as expenses at rates approximating local commercial charges. Detailed expense records are maintained in our office and may be inspected if desired.

If travel costs are incurred on a trip that serves two or more clients, common travel costs will be allocated to each client in proportion to costs that would have been incurred for travel dedicated solely to each client alone.

Bills and invoices will be submitted twice a month, normally on the first and fifteenth. Bills are due and payable when submitted. A late payment charge of 1-1/2% per month (18% annually) may be applied to amounts outstanding ten (10) days after the date of the statement.

The client always has the right to terminate the assignment upon written notice. In such a case the client has no liability for charges beyond those incurred on their behalf through the date when notice of termination is received by us.

Because we cannot serve a client under terms or conditions that might impair our objectivity, independence, or integrity, GatewayProductDevelopmentGroup.com reserves the right to withdraw from the assignment if conditions develop to interfere with the successful completion of the assignment (except where our efforts are integral with the clients efforts.)

It is understood that GatewayProductDevelopmentGroup.com and its network of contractors, if any, shall be in the relation of independent contractors with the client, and nothing herein shall be construed as designating us as employees or agents of the client for any purpose.

GatewayProductDevelopmentGroup.com will guard as confidential all information concerning the affairs of the client that is gathered during the course of the assignment. We agree to hold such information in strict confidence, and not to disclose it to others for a period of five (5) years or until such information is otherwise released by the client.

GatewayProductDevelopmentGroup.com will not serve two (2) or more competing clients in areas of vital interest without first informing each client.

The rights to any idea or inventions that result from our work will be assigned to the client without any further charge for professional time. The client is responsible for all legal fees and similar expenses necessary to obtain patents that the client may desire to register.

We cannot begin Researching, Developing, Investigating and Intelligence Gathering solving your specific Idea or Invention until we first gain a solid basic understanding of it.  In our initial contact we try to learn:

* Specific needs and background 
  * Origins of the idea or invention; 
  * Scope of the project; 
  * Key issues to be examined

At this time we try to determine:

* A broad definition of the assignment and expected result; 
  * The information gathering methodology;  
* Logical phases (if practical)  
* Approximate time and cost

At this point there is no obligation on either side. Once gathered, the above information helps the client decide whether we are the best people to handle the assignment, and helps us determine if we can do the job with our specialists and network of associates and whether we can do it properly in the time available.

When appropriate, the details and results of this discussion are confirmed in a written proposal outlining:

  * Our understanding of the assignment; 
  * Suggested approaches; 
  * Type and extent of client involvement; 
  * Organization of the work; 
  * Expected results; 
  * Estimated time and cost.

The client has no obligation until our proposal is accepted.

During each assignment, periodic updates are given. These are augmented by at least one interim review to summarize our findings to date and discuss any modifications in the direction for the balance of the project. Upon completion of our work, we report our findings and recommendations to client management, normally in the form of a briefing presentation. While structured, this presentation encourages the questioning and discussion of our findings. Our goal is to provide clients with recommendations which are practical for them to implement, with or without our help. The presentation is then documented with a written report.

Fees are based on the time needed plus expenses actually incurred in carrying out the assignment. More detail may be found on the “Contractual Terms and Conditions” area on our About Us page.
Why Retain GatewayProductDevelopmentGroup.com?

1.  Expertise.  We are not trying to be all things to all people. We offer a specialized service in management consulting concerning the development of profitable new products and services. We have a mastermind network and team with great experience and expertise in our chosen specialization. JW Davis, founder and President, has extensive functional and general management experience in this area. Associate consultants are also utilized when their experience is relevant and helpful to the client.

2.  Efficiency.  Because we are specialized, we have files, strategies, solutions, and tools that often allow us to perform an assignment better, faster, and cheaper than clients can on their own or through other similar services like ours. We can interrogate, investigate, and research online information databases. This offers two benefits: It decreases the amount of time we need to spend in the field, and it makes our fieldwork yield better results because it is well focused.

3.  Concentration.  Because we can concentrate on accomplishing a critical assignment quickly, our clients are freed to operate their on-going business without diversion.

4.  Anonymity.  Because we are an independent firm, we need not reveal the identity or purpose of our clients, within normal legal and ethical bounds. And we will not reveal critical information without prior approval.

5.  Objectivity.  We bring a fresh viewpoint, unencumbered by hierarchical pressure or bias. If we cannot help our client, we will say so and refer them to other appropriate sources. We will never be used simply as an outside stamp of approval on an executives pet project.

Client Relationships

Work is carried out in a manner which best satisfies the client in accordance with the Code of Professional Practice of the Association of Management Consultants. This can be arranged by either a retainer for a stipulated period or, more commonly, as a single project assignment. JW Davis, as founder and President, directs all assignments and client relations after careful consulting with the GatewayProductDevelopmentGroup.com staff and associates mastermind team.

GatewayProductDevelopmentGroup.com is a division of GatewayGlobalConsultants.com